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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Friendly Reminder

Peace Crane Card at Meekiyua

So... it's been a month into my internship at the hospital and I've been learning a lot but working for long hours day after day has started to wear down on me. Yesterday I was getting my usual soup and chips at the cafeteria and spotted a large table that was fairly empty except for a lady that was leaving and a doctor that was enjoying his lunch. As I got closer I noticed the lady struggled and dropped her finished tray of food a few times on the table. I realized she was leaning heavily on a cane and she could not balance herself and hold the tray. So I opt to throw it out for her. She was very grateful and flashed me a shy but thankful smile. That was when I saw her I.D badge... she was a volunteer. As she slowly made her way down the hall... it amazed me that she was more then willing to help others without expecting anything in return despite her own everyday struggles.

I just sat there and it dawned on me why I decided to go into a field that had long hours, little pay and little acknowledgment. I wanted to help too. Thank you madam for reminding me.

Until next time... have a great day and take a breather. =)


Pili said...

A toast for all of those that go through hardships in life just because they believe in helping others. =)

The Friendly Skies said...

Awww, thats a great post!

Aside from the opportunity of seeing some awesome places... my job day in and day out is helping people on the plane.

It does make you feel good to help others and I think it helps make the long days a little shorter!
Keep on keepin on!