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Monday, July 27, 2009

Market Wrap Up!

This has been one busy busy weekend. On Saturday I was vending at the Brooklyn Indie Market. One of the things I had trouble with was how to make simple, cost efficient but unique packaging. I had brought various brown paper bags and large envelopes to put my prints and other items in. I just had a great idea. Not too long ago I brought some custom stamps with my logo and name on them from an awesome etsy shop Drumchick99. The communication was great and it came to me in no time. I've been using them to mark my envelopes when I mail them out. So... I decided to do the same to the other envelopes and brown paper bags. I admit that paper bags aren't the biggest jazz thing around but they're recyclable, simple, holds your stuff and basically does what it does. By stamping both sides with my logo it added a bit of that personal touch. Above are on the envelopes. I like doing it on the corner.This is on the brown paper bags. Simple and unique to my shops. When I was selling people noticed my logo on the bags. I remember one that said in delight "oh so cute the bags even have your logo." Usually if I see someone sort of look unsatisfied when I pulled the paper bag to put their stuff in I'd say "I prefer paper over plastic... it's recyclable and great for the environment!" Now no one can think it's bad because heck it's for the environment. =D Traveling to the market was a hassle because on the weekends the trains run all kooky in New York City. We went to the F train to wait as it "supposedly" goes to the stop we need to go to. My wonderful sister Anita pictured above was with me and she's awesome but shh don't tell her I said that! The little wagon I brought from Daffy's also had a chair with a back that you can unfold. So when you're tired wa la! Chair! We had quite a few people curious about where I got this chair and we did some unexpected advertising for Daffy's. It's a good investment at $30 and it's actually made of metal rods not plastic ones.

Anyways turns out the F does not go to our stop so we had to switch to the G. It sounds simple but me and my sister had to lug two of those wagons up and down stairs. Boy were there quite a number of them. Once we got out the red and white tent was right there! It was small but yet very roomy because there was about 12 vendors. The great thing was that it had two openings to get in, there was a linked fence that allowed people to look in to see what was the commotion about. Another was that there was great music and lights and electricity. This was my set up and I found for prints when I put them in a binder for people to flip though, people liked that. I can also put in many different prints that wasn't displayed. on my large frame. All the little things like the pocket mirrors, felt pins and cards were onto one side as I noticed people liked to go to that side to rummage at the little things I had. The foot traffic was good with it's ebbs and flows. The people were mostly into kind of laid back, down to earth people. It was good mix of families, shopping gals and tourists. I made back my table fee and a bit of profit that I used to treat my sister to lunch. There's an awesome taco place a block or two down.

My sister was great at talking to people as she works in a boutique in SOHO so she's got those great skills. I on the other hand was either too quiet or when people asked about my process and why, when I started I would just go on and on. I meet a lot of great people! Many asked me about what I do, how and why and when. Very friendly! Many people from the NewNew team where there too! Of course I am always not the friendliest person >_>. SIGH!

I'm thinking of doing this in the fall maybe October or Early November but that all depends on y work and school schedule.

Until next time ta ta!


Pili said...

I glad to hear you had a great experience!
And I think paper bags are way better than plastic ones, and stamped with the logo, they are soooo cute!

BululuStudio said...

Cute packaging and good luck with everything :D

LeelaBijou said...

So cute and lovely wrap! Really a nice touch with your logo on it :)

So good to hear you had a great time!