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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Otakon Wrap Up!

Warning heavy number of images in this post!
So Otakon was simply AWESOME! This year the crowd was much much bigger though I spent most of my time in the artist alley selling, I still saw some pretty neat stuff! Unfortunately no one is allowed to take pictures at the artist alley or the art auction to protect the artist's work from being photographed and copied. So no pictures of my cosplay or my table =(. Though people didn't know who my character was except for one guy many took my picture because I was simply a "kawaii maid character". Fine with me. =D The above picture was taken when we were lining up to get our badges (my bf, his cousin and roommate)

This is the front entrance of the convention hall and you can faintly see the huge line of people, the line wrapped around the HUGE convention hall talking about at least 4 - 5 blocks and winded in a long snack on the opposite side. The weather was wonderful! Not too hot, not too cold and NO RAIN!
Here are some cosplays the one above is from Spirited Away a fantastic movie that the whole family can enjoy! Also in the art auction a beautiful art piece of Spirited Away was sold for $800 in the live auction! I did fairly well in the art auction and only one piece was not bid on (the one i worked the hardest on) yet the one I spent ten minutes fetched a rather high price. That shows you never know what people like.They also had a model contest in which people built replicas, painted them, posed them etc where they are judged and auctioned off according to certain standards. This one above was $10,000 not including shipping. You can see it was very large and the details are right with the show Big O robot it was modeled after.

King Boo from the Mario games was also there! Looks like a cute little marshmallow to me! =D Though some had much more elaborate costumes that looked like you would be sweating like mad inside. Others were so delicate and detailed it really took your breath away. These pictures are taken by my bf and he has a quirky sense of what appeals to him.
There's always some oddball cosplays like this guy who did the Sham Wow guy apparently punching a lady. It was all in good fun and unfortunately I didn't leave the artist alley and they usually have mass gatherings of cosplayers that post for group pictures.

I did fairly well in the artist alley though not too many people were gung ho about cards but I made twice my table fee. The people next to me who did mostly fan art and prints were selling like mad. The reason why I didn't do fan art and such was I've seen some of the artist's work and they are amazing makes me think a bit less of my own skills. However next year I will be trying to sell and this time with my art. My bf got me the Bamboo Tablet I've been drawing and creating like mad! I'll post some pictures next time.

Otakon was full of win... had a super blast and so so so so wish I was back there again! I'll be selling at the Brooklyn Indie Market this Saturday July 25th 11am - 7pm so stop on by if you're in the hood.

Until next time.. Otakon 2010 or bust!


Pili said...

I'm really glad to hear it was a lot of fun and you had a great time!

I'm a bit bummed by the lack of pics of your costume, I would have loved to see it!

Curtis Collectables :) said...

Wow that sounds like lots of fun. I'm jealous.

Kathy said...

Congrats on the successful show. That is so awesome!

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