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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Prepare for DOOM! =O

Ahh! SO I got my table at Otakon but since it's last minute I have to pay at the con and do my paper work too. I'm really excited to sell at such a huge venue! The problem with this is well it's two weeks away and I'm not prepared at all. I have my art for the art auction up and I tell you they look fantastic. Courtesy of I printed 11 x 14 of some very detailed works. Though people consider them prints I'm not planning to ever print them that huge so in essence they're limited editions. I've also decided to make 8 x 10 limited edition copies of some art and they're all printed on this wonderful metallic paper. The one above is a scan of one of my original art that is 10 x 25 very unusual but I like it.

In the artist alley most anime conventions sell prints that are either fanart (recreating of an original artwork using someone else's character) and their own art with their own made up characters, pins, kawaii items, handmade accessories and clothes especially lolita. Lolita is sort of like a Victorian baby doll fashion that actually goes well with Steampunk. It's very popular amongst the anime crowd and you can see tamer examples of this design in many teenage to young adult stores. Above are examples of a type of lolita called "sweet" there's also the ever popular "goth" amongst other types. The anime/manga community highly promotes DIY and crafting in general as people are more impressed by people who hand make their own items (including artwork). Cosplay is a big part of that... which I am just about finished with just need some cheap lace socks. Anyways since I don't have enough variety of prints to sell just as my sole inventory for about 3 days I decided to make handmade cards like the one above with quirky messages that an anime or gamer would find funny but general enough that newbies would get a hoot out of them. Problem is I have to go buy more blank cards, cello sleeves and xyron refills. Another problem is how much to make. Note that I have a craft fair the next weekend. SO whatever doesn't sell here I can sell there or put it on my etsy shop. I have about 8 designs if I do ten of each then that's inventory of 80 but is that too little or too much o_O? Should I make more designs as I come up with them? Can one never have too much o_o?! What if my stuff doesn't sell? the usual questions... sigh.. guess I'll just make and bunch and go with the flow =D

Until next time... ahh so much to do and so little time! =(

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