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Monday, December 22, 2008

Freezing My Teddy Bits Off.

Yes that is the actual picture of the thermometer at noon today. A whole 4 degrees. It is freezing cold here in NYC and it was at a -13 degrees when I went out at 8am this morning bringing my brother to school. Insane! The snow was very nice coming down bu unfortunately after being run over by cars and people alike the snow is this mushy gray and now it's gray ice on the streets. Not good. My parents got a new coat for my little brother and he looked like a black and red pillow walking down the street holding my hand with his tiny mitten hands.

SO... since it was sooo cold I decided to post this Teddy and Me ornament because she looked absolutely so warm and cozy with her fuzzy teddy bear. Personally I don't have teddy bears or dolls because I'm somewhat allergic to them and my skin gets itchy and red. That doesn't stop people from giving them to me and now I have a rather large collection. Teehee. Also since I had no school or work today I spent the whole time wondering what to give to my boyfriend of many years. He knows I'm a major art person and he loves oil paintings of landscapes btw he has not one creative bone in his body unless you count how creative he gets with burping. So this year I spent the better half of the morning about 3 hours painting the forest painting above.

I grant you this is the second time I've painted with oil paints and there was something about oil painting that didn't agree with me... I rather preferred pastels and charcoal but I don't think it turned out too bad. At first I really disliked it but now looking at it from afar it was growing on me and now I want to hang it in my living room. I got a lot of help from well.. YouTube.. they have these great tutorials on "How to draw a tree" or "How to draw the sky" of course it really does take a lot of practice. When I get enough space so I can pull up an easel and all my supplies I'll try it some more.

Until next time... Keep warm! (and for you people living in summery weather... let's switch places... eh eh?)


Lindsey said...

The YouTube tutorials paid off, I especially love the sky in the painting. It's beautiful! You're very talented.

It's a chilly (for us) 43˚ here in Georgia, and it is suppose to be in the 70's on Christmas Day. You're more than welcome to come visit! :)

Leigh said...

We are with you in the cold here in Denver. Stay warm and Happiest of Holidays :)

Best xx

Kathy said...

the painting is beautiful and the little ornament with the teddy bear is so sweet. Our weather has been really cold too and now we have snow coming tomorrow morning....again!

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Brrr....that is cold! It was 60 degrees here in Florida and I was grumbling how cold it was:) Love your painting. Have a great holiday:):)

Walk in the Woods said...

You keep warm too - and keep creating! :)

ARTina said...

It's in the lower 70's in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Tomorrow it will be in the 40's or unpredictable. Then again you're talking about a place where it didn't snow at all year before last...until April!

Happy Holidays to you and thanks for your blog comment!