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Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Gift of Friends

Above are my chibi (mini) gift tags up in my store. It reminds me of something that happened...

Speaking of gifts... there are few things if anything that are more precious then the gift of friends and friendship. Well yesterday was the work holiday party and I brought salad (btw I had no idea how to make salad) and it went great. We had the people of our department come and everyone brought something from homemade curry rice, baked ziti, chicken fried rice, THREE cakes!! YUMMY! Chips, drinks, candy. It was great! My coworkers while I was stuffing my face had prepared a birthday cake, a scrumptious strawberry shortcake for me and my other coworker and great friend Yan. Our birthdays are 7 days apart. To be honest I was floored. I had zipp-O clue that they were going to do this. So they caught me with my face full of ziti and chips and took a nice picture.
Yan whose also a craft partner in crime she has a B.S in Studio Art but studying to be a nurse now brought me ta-da! This fantastically warm and fluffy blue/purple yarn and large purple knitting needles. I had complained many times that I lost my grandma's four golden needles and was very upset. Of course immediately I started knitting. She taught how to cast on which was different from what I usually do but it made a lot more sense.

And after an hour, I'm quite slow I made about two feet? That's my scarf above. Though I might give it to my sister or my mom since they're always nagging that I make so much stuff yet nothing for them. So now they can quit complaining. LOLOL.
Everyone chipped in for the wonderful whimsical card and since they couldn't think of a big present they just gave me money. I may be hard to shop for but I was super pleased with my knitting equipment! I don't like expensive items either nor do I think I really need that newest phone or the coolest computer. I like Old Chugga my computer and my crappy phone.
Cha-ching! I didn't realize how much was in it until I came home and it was a whopping 95 bucks. That is A LOT. This would go into my funding my next craft fair fund! Woot! I'm not very emotional person so I was so touched by what my coworkers did. It's only been a year at this job but I do love my coworkers. They're all so cool. Every time it's someones birthday we always chip in to get something for someone. I chipped in for Yan's new Mac Book and J.C's Ps3. I never thought of getting anything in return. But wow... such friends and coworkers are hard to find.

Until next time... Cherish your friendships


Lindsey said...

Happy birthday! You are lucky to work at such a great place, with wonderful coworkers. I enjoy my job and the company, but it is very small (my boss, his mom and dad, and me) and they are Jewish so no Christmas parties here. As much as I love it here, I sometimes wish I worked at a fun office with other my age.

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday to you and what a wonderful day you had. What nice people you work with. I love the little tags too. So cute!

gamakun said...

ah did I missed your birthday, could have got u a present of some sort XD.

GumballGrenade said...

Happy Birthday! Mine in coming up in a couple of days as well! Yay for December!

Dallas Shaw said...

great tags