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Monday, December 1, 2008

How to Make a Simple Frame

I was doing my usual roaming around the forums where I came upon one about gift sets... which are always a great idea! A little bit of everything. The person mentioned about how she wanted simple frames and wanted to learn how to make one and this sparked this frame I use to make when I was very young (4th grade) and now I will give it to you. I'll be making a simple white frame for my ACEO. Above are the tools you'll need. The picture you want to frame, paper (card stock, wood w/e- let your imagination roam around here- colors/patterns) scissors, glue, pencil.
Okay I opted for a piece of white construction paper that I had left over from doing something else and cheated a bit by folding it in half.

Okay now loosely trace the outline of your photo.
Now you can cut with an exact-o knife or scissor. I cheated again here by folding it in half and cutting a rectangle about a quarter of an inch smaller then the actual size of the card.
Now apply glue on the penciled side 1/2 inch to 1 inch from the border but do not glue the top. You will be sliding your photo in from the top or if you want from the side but the top is much better. Now wait for that to dry.
You know that rectangle piece of paper you cut before you can fold it at one end in the shape of a triangle.
Spread it open like above and add glue to the diamond.
Anchor the diamond about halfway down the back of the frame making sure that the end points the opposite way of the opened top.
Here's a close up. Now let that dry. Now what was the point of this?
Why it makes the perfect prop for the frame. Now you can slip the photo inside and it props up all by itself. What's even better is that you can fold the prop to the side and lay it flat and reprop it anytime you want.
Here's the back! This is really great to do with kids and parents alike. Also a great idea for teachers and young kids. I use to work as an Arts and Crafts Teacher Assistant where the teacher for some reason was never there so I ended teaching the class of 2nd graders to 6th graders. Also next time I'll include one of how to make a more advance version of this frame!

Here's a couple more ideas... you can stack these up to make a big frame of little frames just use studier paper/wood whatever. They're easy to decorate and if you really want you can glue a clear plastic behind the rectangle opening so it offers protection against your photos. Also you can chain them to make a row of frames and don't be limited to just rectangles... make hearts, stars, squares.... the sky's the limit.

Hope everything is clear from the pictures to the descriptions! If you have any questions or whatever just drop a comment!


Leigh said...

Thank you for the fantastic instructions:)

And yes you will love the quiche, was my first time making one and now a definite fav!

Xylia said...

Cool! I've got several pictures that I need quick frames for and I've been wondering what in the world to do!

I love how your instructions are always so detailed and easy to follow!

Morrgan said...

Interesting! Thanks for the instructions, I'm sure these will come in handy. :)

gamakun said...

Quite the nifty trick. All of these craft skill, I am not surprised if you can do a minor in art.

Bella said...

Oh, fun! I love your aceo, as well!