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Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Love Custom Orders!

Quite a good amount of my sold items are custom order ones. I love making miniature origami dolls of people and adding all these tiny details according to their likes and dislikes. The minute I get the photos and or descriptions I immediately know what designs I should do. For example I made mini Ipods for people who loves music, cell phones and game controllers, the tinier the details I need to make the more it challenges me. For example the little girl above I twisted the bow out of tissue paper and the gift box she is hold is made from tissue paper covered Bristol paper and tiny green construction paper I cut and glue. It gives everything a more 3D look.

I also love it when customers give me their ideas and I really enjoy interacting with them to make the perfect little ornaments. I tell you it's all worth it. I love seeing their reactions when I send back pictures of the completed item but it's also soooo nerve wracking. Would they like it? Is it accurate? Did I make them right?

If you don't do custom orders please please do! It opens up a great new opportunity and you get to met some really great people! Also look in the Custom (Use to be called Alchemy) section of Etsy ... you can find people that request custom items and you can also make a request if you can't find something online.

Until next time... create... create... and oh yeah... CREATE!


Paper Girl Productions said...

ooo yes, custom orders rock!

A Merry Christmas to you!!

LeelaBijou said...

I love custom orders too, they are funny!

Happy Holidays! ^_^

Kathy said...

Your work is wonderful! How fun to do custom orders for something so special. Good for you!

Angela said...

Your little people are so cute!

Jennifer Juniper said...

I, too, do many custom order. In fact, I do almost exclusively custom and I really love the personal connection you make when working out a design. Aren't the little details fun?

nuvonova said...

I ADORE custom orders... exactly for the same reasons as you!