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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ahh Rain again?

Rain again? Ugh! I'm all for rain but it's June and it's been raining 6 out of 7 days a week for the past month. Well at least that keeps me indoors where I can work on my crafting. I just posted my newest little felt pouch! You can click on the picture to go to the shop. I'm surprised how nice the moustache came out since felt can be hard to cut. Oh yeah and it's very hard to glue. I did some research and came up with "Beacon's Felt Glue" and it works like a charm. The consistency looked like regular Elmer's glue so I was less then impressed. But it dried to be clear and it really did stick on quite firmly to the felt so woot! Actually there's a site dedicated to determining what glue is best for sticking what to what called ThistoThat. A very fitting name. So if you ever need advice for glue look up that website. It's easy to use and they actually have explanations on how the glue works.

BTW with Otakon within the next month I really have to start working on my cosplay costume. I'm planning to cosplay as Mahoromatic. I'm planning to share my progress on this lil blog. =D

Until next time.. rain rain go away... come again another day...


Pili said...

Your blog is a great source of information! Thanks for the link to that page!

And I can't wait to see the progress on your costume!

Send the rain over here, it's too hot and I'll welcome some rain!

LeelaBijou said...

Oh I would love to see your costume! I´m a big fan of cosplay :)

Morrgan said...

Ugh, I hear you on the rain. It's been rain rain rain for ages here too. This morning looked promising, with even a bit of sun, but there the rain was again when I walked home from work. Grr.

That pouch is ridiculously adorable! Who knew a moustache could be so cute. :D

Lindsey said...

I bought some felt glue once, thinking it would actually hold felt together, since it was called "Felt Glue" - nope, didn't hold very long. So I ended up stitching the pieces together by hand. It takes more time, but to me it feels much more secure than glue. I'll need to check out that website the next time I need to glue things together. Gluing is much easier and faster than sewing by hand!