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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mirrors for you, me and dupree

The second one I put up of my wonderful pocket mirrors! I swear the more I look at them the more I want to keep another one. I suppose that's good as I think I'm my own target audience. My sister took one Dandelion Float mirror for herself and now her friend wants one too. Mind you they're all college students... one thing is that they wished the mirror could open and close but I've tried to find similar custom ones that do but they're very pricey and I know my target audience would more likely not buy it. I've put my own mirror with my keys and so far it hasn't been scratched one bit so I'm so very pleased. =D

I got these wonderful mirrors made by She was a fantastic person, prompt, informative and very nice. She also makes a host of custom things and also her own awesome buttons. I will definitely order from her again! So if you ever need little knick knacks or promo items... I tell you pins are very popular with tweens - college students... I regularly go to huge anime convention where one of the most popular items are pin back buttons esp. of cute things or sayings like. I have several pins myself and many people ask where I get them. I tell them at Otakon.

Until next time.... buttons are all the ragez!


Lindsey said...

I've seen Buttonhead in the forums but I've never really checked out her shop - very cool stuff! Custom temporary tattoos....awesome!

I had no idea pin back buttons were so popular. I'm going to do my first craft show this fall and I'm thinking about knitting small flowers and things and attaching them to pins...hopefully they will sell well!

Jess said...

Oh how cute! And good luck at the craft fair you were accepted to! (once you decide on the date that is.. heh).

Rosebud Collection said...

I use to get wood pocket mirrors and paint on them..Can't seem to find them anymore.
Very cute looking.

Vanessa said...

Absolutely adorable!