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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mysteries and Mysteries!

Ah ha! I was ready today! I had my camera waiting as the owner to these little footprints yet again stealthy went across my little shop! I caught this shadow picture! Drats my zoom must've been off! It is obvious that this culprit is no ordinary fiend for they seem to have this spiffy bow tie on... hmm very curious. Seeing the flash he decided to reveal himself! He says his name is Mister McFelt Square... a rather uncommon name but he has assured me that he had my best interests at heart. I very much doubted him until he revealed that he was protecting my precious watch that my significant other had given to me. Perhaps Mister Square is not too bad... he tells me there is more like him... the Felt Secret Keeper Society. With that he vanished leaving me wondering...

Kind of lame story telling on my part. I thought it would be perfect to introduce my newest line of mini felt pouches in my shop LiPeony. Actually I first made it to replace the worn out crumbling bookmark that my boyfriend had hanging in his car. He refused to get rid of it because I made it way way when we first met. So I decided to make this little felt square pouch. This way he could put some of those scented beads or potpourri in it and it would make his car less stinky. He has it hanging there now... and no he hasn't gotten rid of the bookmark. Sigh!

Until next time... creative writing can lead you to weird and fantastic places! =D


Angela said...

aw cute!! Good mystery!

Pili said...

That's so cute!
Cute lil mystery too! :D

Lindsey said...

I saw a tweet from you this morning about adding a new felt item to your shop and thought "When did she start selling felt items!?" - This explains it!

A cute little mystery to go with a cute little pouch!

LeelaBijou said...

Oh so cute!