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Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Crafts and Tiny Towns

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know I did... my next mystery post will be tomorrow since I want to share my ventures of my weekend. Though right now I've been up for the past 14 hours on 5 hours of sleep so it may sound kind of slurry I suppose. I spent it with my wonderful significant other down in South Jersey. I made sure I came on the same weekend as the Cape May Craft Fair in New Jersey. The area is really nice full of tiny shops and had this quaint feeling. It was almost like stepping into some fairytale of cottages and wonderful tall mansions there were actually bed and breakfast inns. Above is part of the main street and you can see it was a very nice day and there were many tourists that spend time in this quiet neck of the woods. This little place is only a block or two away from the wonderful beach that seems to have turned out to be a private beach as you need to pay for a pass to go on the beach. Kind of weird since I've never heard of a beach you need to pay to get in.
This clock looked pretty nifty out by what seems to be the town square. It really has this vintage look that I think adds a lot to the quaint atmosphere of the whole area in general. Oh by the way these pictures are taken by my significant other who has taken up a hobby of photography. He was just clicking away at random things that he found was interesting. This was towards one end of the craft fair and you can make out the tents of the craft fair and it's right by the edge of where the beach is. Though there was a lot of people there it was mostly browsing. I'm very shy to ask the sellers any questions but I've heard like everywhere else business this year was not so good. Regardless there was many amazing artists there and I must've walked up and down the some odd 40 - 50 crafters there 4x. I like to look at everything first then decide on what to buy. I did indeed brought some lovely items. Though I was scanning for some fellow etsy shops I didn't know quiet how to bring it up so I just mostly browsed.

My Mom always complain that I never get her anything... well I thought these little sachets would be perfect for her since she recently complained bout how she wanted something nice and floral to tuck into her closet and drawers. Though Little Pine Creek Potpourri based in Pennsylvania do not have a site yet their wonderful abundance of fragrance and beautifully stitched and lanced bags where a great draw for me. I especially love the unique blends of potpourri that combined scents of strawberries, roses and host of other wonderful fragrances.
The first time I saw these stark blue and silver chain mail earrings from DeepshadeCreations I had those "I gotta have them" gleam in my eyes. I passed by once but had to go back to get them. They were surprising light weight considering how heavy they look. My pictures don't do them justice, I wore them out the next day and they added a rock punkish sparkle to my outfit and I loved the way they felt and sometimes made a tingling noise as the wind swept past. These earrings are great to add that extra flare of attitude to any ensemble. They're going right up there with my all time favorite Toast bread earrings.

All in all great great weekend! Picked up some fantastic finds and enjoyed great weather and great scenery with a great boyfriend! Well now I am extremely tired so hopefully see ya guys soon.

Until next time... support the arts and crafts!


Pili said...

Seems like you had a great weekend!

Malissa said...

Sounds like fun! I love to visit quaint little towns also. I love how this one is next to the beach!