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Monday, June 22, 2009

Worrisome Costume

Ack so Otakon the anime convention I'm attending on July 17th - 19th is about 4 weeks away but with my very busy schedule it is hard to find time to make my cosplay costume! This would be my 3rd time there and every year I'm always amazed by how intricate and detailed people's cosplays are. Literally they put on the make up, make props that can be HUGE btw and all the clothes, you'd think they jumped right out of the screen yourself. Last year I hastily made a costume and wasn't really satisfied with it since it was a last minute decision. This year I wanted to spend more time and be as authentic as possible. I decided to do Mahoromatic from the same name show which is my bf's favorite. Below is the picture.

I've been growing my hair long and it's half way down my back so it will suffice. I also have dark brown hair so no need for a wig (refuse to wear a wig, it gets hot in July!) I'm also very petite and rather short with dark brown eyes, so I think I resemble her. For any cosplay it's always much easier if you look somewhat like your character. No need for wig and heavy duty make up.

The costume itself looks like a simple maid outfit but it's actually not... I've been having heck of a time finding a dress that bears some sort of resemblance that I can alter that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I'm set on having a small budget for this and use my creativity and resources as much as possible. After futile searches in stores and several thrift shops, salvation army shops, I decided it would be better if I just brought fabric and made it myself with my mom's help. I'm extraordinary lucky that my mom is a talented seamstress and we have a heavy duty factory sewing machine at home. Today after work I'm planning to hop to the nearby fabric stores to find the fabric I need. I've been lucky to score a good 2 dollar apron at a liquidation store to alter. Having the itchy fingers to create I decided to do the tiny details that can make or break a cosplay.
It's kind of small on the picture but she wears this tiny head piece. I already knew the design and how to do it. It's basically two parts. The top part is an arced piece of white fabric about 20 inches long that's folded in regular intervals and machine sown across. This gives the ruffles. One side the creases are folded over the fabric and the other side it's folded beneath the fabric so it has a natural curve. When I have time I will take pictures of doing it. The long piece is just a 24" long tube that was sewn and flipped. The ruffles are centered and sewn into the crack.
Here's how it looks on my head. I think it came out great! Don't mind the pictures and my shiny head... I took this early in the morning. Anyways the strings are long enough for me to tie or I can opt to pin it, button it or make a stretchy strap like a headband. Not sure as of yet. Today after shopping for the fabric I will get started on the dress or apron... whichever. I'll keep you guys posted of my cosplay adventures!

Until next time... it's COSPLAY! Have fun!


Pili said...

I hope you find everything in the fabric store!

Best of luck with the costume!

Kathy said...

How awesome and what fun! It looks great. Can't wait to see the whole outfit!

shells said...

I think your head-piece looks perfect! I'm sure the rest of your costume wil be awesome too :D Have fun making it and even more fun wearing it!