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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Beads n Stuffz

This is my newest little print in my shop LiPeony. I actually had the sketch done a while ago but I only recently colored it in. I looked at various pictures of beads and tried to capture the shininess. This one I worked more on the shadow to give it more dimension. I also think it's great to make art of art and crafts. Like my Big Pencil Little Chibi Girl, My Sewing Chibi Girl and In a Knit Chibi Girl. This got me to think of all the wonderful colors, designs and medium that beads come in. Here are some of my favorite beaded things on Etsy.
AMIdesigns is a wonderful jewelry store. Actually i noticed Alison's little store when she asked for help on colors on the forums. I was floored by not only the colors but by the beautiful photographs. One of my favorite is this Gold Wraparound Bracelet. I'm usually not a gold wearer but this one got me sold because the gold is not overpowering and really retains a very elegant feel. It would be perfect for a night out or to jazz up any outfit.

With me constantly eating at my desk and I have this lovely wooden desk so coasters are a must. I found these really hand beaded ones from Craftnique. It's a shop of unique odd and ends like decorative flower pots to notebooks. These were special as I love the spiral look and also the beads since they reflect different colors in the sun so it's never the same look. They come in sets of four. Neat-o!

I was browsing though the search of "beads" and these totally took me by surprise. These are cute little bead dolls from Variation. Made of vintage beads they are so so so darn cute! The photos are wonderful. I have a lot of little things on my desk like those Precious Moments and tiny versions of teacups and saucers and wine glasses made of glass and plastic. These would be so cute to put anywhere. I always need a bit of art or creative things around me.

Just some of the wonderful things one can make with beads! I have many beads but they're all stored away. One of these days I got to get them out and do something with it.

Until next time... one tiny thing... a million different possibilities...


Craftnique said...

Thank you for the nice words about my beaded coasters. I appreciate it. : )

AMIdesigns said...

Thanks so much for featuring my bracelet on your lovely blog