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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring Cold Ugh!

Just like what the title says... I've come down with my annual Spring Cold! Arg! Every year when the weather changes suddenly from cold to hot or hot to cold I always get a cold! The last couple of days I've been pretty under the weather and slow with creating new art. It is better to get it now then in the middle of finals because that would be terrible! I made the above little art that I am planning to make as a Get Well card.

Well on some happier news I'm 99% sure I'm going to be interning at NYU Hospital in the Microbiology labs for the summer so I am super excited! It's always fascinating to work in labs on the forefront of prevention, diagnosing and healing well more like behind the scenes but still.

I'm sure everyone has heard of swine flu by now and there are many everyday things people can do to really protect themselves and others. My microbiology teacher who also works for Infectious Disease Department of NYC says if you wash your hands properly with soap and water it will literally cut the amount of germs and viruses etc being spread. SO... less germies and buggies = less infections and infected. Just some simple soap and water and scrub your hands while singing the first TWO lines of "Happy Birthday to You" (equivalent to 2 minutes) is enough.

I'm always very surprised and somewhat sickened by the amount of people who go to the bathroom and simply do not wash their hands and just walk away. People wonder why I'm hesitant on shaking people's hand. Also cover your mouth when you sneeze and cough. Use tissue and dispose of it properly. Most of these disease are caught though hand to hand or surface contact or air borne due to sneezing and coughing etc. This doesn't mean you should constant wash your hands every second but use some common sense when it comes to cleanliness.

Until next time.. take care of yourself... =D

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LeelaBijou said...

Great post! I hope you are feeling better.

Best wishes!