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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Can't Wait for Summer!

So Mother Nature has been playing some jokes on us in the Eastern Coast of the U.S by giving us a taste of summer then dowsing it with Spring Showers and chilliness. Darn it I was ready to get my darn flip flops out! For some reason I have the worst timing as I wore too much on a very warm day and wore too little on a rather chilly day. With summer right around the corner I'm more then ready for those summer BBQ, warm nights out, hot days and the beaches. I wanted to wait for summer to bust one of my newest prints out but I just could not wait and I let it out early!

On another note I had volunteered to help out at the CDC (Center for Disease Control) labs in NYC because they've been running non stop 24 hours running tests due to what's been going on lately. Though I'm one of many volunteers so I doubt I'd be called on but the opportunity to help and learn was so excited I just had to try! I've worked in hospital labs during the anthrax and MRSA phase and have come across cases and happily all of the people recovered completely. It may seem squeamish to work with and I actually am a bit of a germaphobe myself but it's something I'm very interested in and I know that can help people.

Until next time... think surf and sand... =D

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Pili said...

I can't wait for summer myself, mainly so the house isn't as cold! It's warm and sunny outside, but as soon as it gets dark it's blanket-cold inside!

And kudos to you for volunteering!