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Monday, April 6, 2009

I Need a Break

I don't know about you but I need a break. I just finished my rounds of tests and Spring Break is right on the horizon. Just in time too, I was getting tired from staring at my computer looking up stuff for class, work and of course etsy (winkwink). That's where the little inspiration for the print on top that I'm going to put up very soon. My mouse looks like that too but with a smidgen of blue.

Anyways I had a terrible time at the post office where the post office lady asked the usual is there anything hazardous, sharp etc and when she said breakable/fragile she proceeds to bend my package in half. That was when I realized I forgot to put in the cardboard matting for my prints. That was my fault I ended up sending another one. What was shocking was that I never had a post office worker just bend any of my other envelopes like that they usually give it a squeeze and put it in the box. I wasn't sure if post office workers were suppose to bend it? My eyes were O_O and I had no idea what to do or say so I left. Outside the post office I felt miserable to know I should have said something but being shy shy me I did not. ARG!

So to alleviate it I'm offering free shipping on all my prints. I'm very disappointed in myself for not catching my mistake and especially disappointing a customer. BIG SIGH. Well I'm glad she was very understanding and I'm ready to send another one tomorrow morning and I put in the thickest cardboard I can find and wrote "PLEASE DO NOT BEND" all over it. I should invest in sticker or a stamp for that.

Until next time... please do not bend my packages... =_=


Uneekdolldesigns said...

YIPE!!! I can't imagine why she did that! But I understand how it is being too shy too speak up when I shouod say something- but I am overcoming it now that I am more middle aged! :)

Karly West said...

I've never experienced a postal worker BENDING my packages before! At least you were able to catch your mistake :)

Haha! Your bending story reminds me of a similar situation at work: When we go to set up wedding cakes there's always people around and it's common for someone to ask "IS THIS REAL??" while they stick their fingers into the cake!! Why do people feel the need to mess with our stuff?! Hands off, buddy!! :)

shagpile said...

Ohhh... i hope you can see the funny side now. Why do people always ask as they are doing what they are asking? Pretty silly really... :)

sMacThoughts said...

OH my gosh! That does not seem right. I would call the Main Post office on 8th/33 and ask for the Postmaster General and ask if this is proper...truly Meekiyu, I have a feeling she will be outraged and demand to know where that happened so that she can inform that office not to do that again!! SHEESH!!