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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yummy Weekend!

Mmmm Curry... Well before I start on that my weekend was awesome. I ate at a Chinese Buffet in NYC with my bf and his friends and family. It was a big old good time and the weather was amazing! Considering how weird the cold weather was it was a great summerish spring break. The food was okay... but then again I'm pretty picky at good Chinese food. They did have a very tasty sliced roasted duck on steamed bun. The duck skin is very crispy and flavorful like sweet soy sauce and the meat is tender sweet too. The bun itself was soft with no flavor as the duck itself has enough flavor. A pinch of thick sweet sauce and some finely chopped scallions and wa la!In NYC one of the most well known places for peking/roast duck is a place named well Peking Duck House. It's a bit on the pricey side but the duck is very good. The only thing we ordered and everyone else ordered was the duck. There are two locations but I've only tried the one on Mott Street. The wait time is extremely LONG so I suggest to make a reservation because last time my friends and I waited for 2 hours but to them it was worth it. Personally this place which has good atmosphere and good food caters more to tourists and the like. There are many restaurants like that around the area where the price is pretty high for a poor college girl like me and most of the time they're pretty darn good food.If you really want the busy hustle of Chinatown NYC with none of the frilly polite atmosphere then go across the street to Big Wong King or as we call it "Dai Wong." It's busy, crowded, the waiters and people who work there aren't the friendliest bunch in the world but their food is really good. The prices are super and they offer a lot of "Cantonese" cuisine. Their "cold cuts" of roasted duck, pork and spare ribs are usually top notch and fresh. There's a dish that's only cold cuts over rice. I would also recommend Fried tofu with fried fish which is actually lightly battered fish in a creamy sauce, the shrimp and lobster sauce over rice (I love it). This place is known for the "cold cuts" and congee. This is one of the few places that make White congee which has no salt, no flavoring just plain old congee... my friend loves it for some reason. There are other great places for such dishes and each one is known for a particular dish so I suggest to go out and really roam around.

A few things about eating in Chinatown... many people love to eat dim sum but I suggest to eat it only on the weekends as during the weekdays especially on Mondays the dim sum is not as fresh. Do not order the common Chinese food like beef and broccoli over rice and the like... really go out and try something different(I know pork/beef intestines don't SOUND good but they TASTE good) ... look up on blogs and reviews that everyday people write because they generally are the people whose eaten around the neighborhood and know all the little gems.

Well there I go writing a whole thing on food again. Darn... oh wells...

Until next time... good eating... =D


Angela said...

Now I am hungry!!

I think you should get your prints from iprintfromhome (I love them) Plus, with you being in New York they will get to you super quick!

They will have a special on Tuesday and I will be sure to let you know what it is.

Amanda said...

Ok, I'm starving now! Off for lunch!

I am so not adventurous when it comes to Asian cuisine.... we had tripe once in our Pho soup... couldn't do it. The texture was ...... ick. I'm all about texture.

Duck - I've only had wild duck (my dad hunts), but I've been wanting to try it lately..