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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A seriously non-serious Present

My boyfriend whose been very supportive of my ventures in etsy has finally opened his own account! Well not to sell as he doesn't have a creative bone in his body (but I still keep every one of his Paint program stick figure drawings) but as a buyer. We've been together for about four years now and he confessed he wanted to get a ring but had no clue (as I realize many other guys) on what to get for his significant other. So I turned him to etsy and pointed out some of my favorites. I've had my eye for the lovely ring pictured on top in MuyinMolly. I've commented and known her though blogger and etsy and she's one terrific and talented gal. Now I'm a proud owner of one. She was gracious enough to make one in 2.5 ring size which is extremely small.What I love about this ring is not only is it handmade and customized to my size it's really elegant but also very fun. The pale blue color is very soft and girly to me, the pearls are very elegant and the wire wrapping is very fun... even though it is called a Bird's Nest to me it reminds me of the solar system with the tiny pearls orbiting the pale blue sun. He was extremely happy that he gave me something exactly wanted. He found Mollie to be so helpful, kind and attentive. He didn't have trouble with paying and it's his first transaction. The great part of this ring is that it is a seriously non-serious present it means we're together but it's not a promise ring or anything that says we're getting married soon (we'll both have heart attacks) it's more of representation of how content and how much we enjoy our relationship now. It got me floating on cloud nine. =D

I know he won't go shopping on etsy unless it was for me which I'm very sure goes for many male buyers on etsy. It's also very true about how hard it is to find men's items... I did spot a few items that would be great for him like this mac book bag, he recently got a mac book.
The above is from fernfiddlehead and is so cute and the color is dark to ward against stains and it's comfortable functional and no frills. He dislikes extra unneeded "frills."
This clock made from a hard drive from pixelthis would totally rock his world. He's a real big computer guy.

Every dude is different and I'm very happy with my dude even if he has no fashion sense and the minute I mention shopping his eyes glaze over and I'm sure his mind is off in daydream land.

Until next time... be happy with the now... =D


Lindsey said...

My mother signed up before Christmas, and I taught her how to view my favorites so she'll know what to buy me :) I received a few of my favorites for Christmas.

My boyfriend technically does have an Etsy account, but he is not computer literate at all, and I doubt he would know how to even sign on. I opened the account for him.

Oh, and you wear a size 2.5!?!?! Girl, you are TINY!!!

Angela said...

That ring is beautiful! I thought my size 4 ring was small, but 2.5 you have tiny fingers!

Veronica Darling... said...

Your boyf sounds adorable. And the ring is really unique!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Wow, 2.5! You tiny little thing! I would look like an amazon next to you!

A cute present and a good boyfriend, you lucky girl!

Amanda said...

What a gorgeous ring!!! Pat and I have been talking about getting a matching set (NOT as an engagement or anything, but we have been together 8 years.. :) we just have to decide on which ones.

He's also a computer guy, and I've been eying those harddrive clocks for a while now. i think it'd look awesome on his desk at work..?

sMacThoughts said...

The ring is stunning,but I can't get past the ring that even possible? So you are a doll, yes? :D And so sweet of your boyfriend; my last Birthday (Feb.) my brother actually signed up for an account and got me some artwork from my Favorites. I was SHOCKED and happy!

Meekiyu said...

I'm very very petite to the point of finding clothes that don't make me look like 12 year old girl is near impossible >_< and yes I LOVE my ring and my lil bf. =D

I'm thinking of getting one for him too Amanda and they're pretty darn affordable to this poor college student.

wow smac that's terrific! I'd be over the moon if someone did that for me!