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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Books n Books

I just listed my first bookmark above. I had the idea for about a month now I did not get to really get into it until now. I like how it's small, simple and I love the little character Mark the Book on the dangle part. The whole thing is almost made entire from recycled materials. I work in the Student Labs and there are tons upon tons of paper wasted when people accidentally print the wrong things or it does not come out the way they want. So I decided to take some of those clean scrap paper and wrap them around some cardboard from boxes in my home to make bookmarks. I love how they came out! I'm still having my Spring Free Shipping Break until Monday. =DSo I'm a fan of the Twilight series and I noticed there was an explosion of supernatural especially vampire books and series out. My sister brought the boxed set of the Sookie Stackhouse collection by Charlaine Harris. I'm not an avid reader as I'm extremely picky and somehow the fact that it was made into a TV series deterred me but alas I decided to pick one up. Guess what it's actually pretty good. The text was easy enough to understand and the dry wry humor of the main character was a refreshing change. It does get a bit confusing but overall it's a pretty enjoyable read. Who knows what the next book I read may be?

Until next time... A book is the gateway to worlds you can only dream of and worlds you cannot imagine...

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BululuStudio said...

Super cute bookmark, well done!