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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Geeky Custom Bookmark

I made the above custom bookmark and it turned out more then I can imagine! My first attempt was a disaster because I wrapped the paper around the cardboard but this time I opted to use a permanent adhesive and the results were so smooth that even I wanted one for myself. I'm a big biology science lover in general and the above were inspired by my classes in the Medical Lab field. I think anyone would love the quirky nerdiness of this bookmark. The whole process of making it took quite a bit as I was determined not to make another mistake!

Oh I took full advantage of the Tuesday Tweet Special from . I've heard rave reviews about their prints and I've ordered 75!! 5"x5" prints of my art work. I really wanted 6" x 6" but with the 75% off any 75$ worth of square prints it's just too good to pass up! In all I paid $22 for 78 dollars worth of stuff. I've also deciding if the prints are very nice to just get my prints printed there instead of at home as I get so busy with school, work, internship etc. Have a look out for 5 x 5 prints of my favorite art in my store and pocket mirrors too!

Until next time... don't let the grey day take your energy away!

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