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Monday, May 11, 2009

Tired Day

I had spent the whole weekend doing a group presentation. I slept at 2am and work up at 6:30 this morning to absolutely make sure the whole group had the final power point. We presented in class and boy was I so relieved once it was over. In my group two of the members were sick in the weekend and day of the presentation which was very bad luck and I ended up organizing and creating 85% of the power point. I really don't mind as it's understandable and sometimes I'm just too darn helpful that way.

For example a new shop on etsy had troubles with their banner and the items were so cute I whipped up a very simple but nice one and sent it. Why did I? I have no idea... thought it would be helpful but yet it nagged at me that I'm doing something for free that someone makes a living off of. Weighs heavy sometimes.

Well on the other hand I got my second Hepatitis A shot and decided to get the HPV shot. For all you girls who haven't it's very important that you do. It protects against some very common forms of HPV that causes cervial cancer.

Until next time... take care of each other...


Malissa said...

Never let doing a good deed weight heavy on your mind! All that you do comes back to you and you will reap karmic rewards for doing good from the heart!

Lindsey said...

Agreed, don't let that bother you - doing something nice is....nice! :D

A warning to others who may be getting the HPV shot - about 15 minutes after you get it, it *could* cause you to be light headed. They didn't tell me this and I was standing at the window scheduling my next appointment when I almost fainted! The next two times I made sure to sit in the room for about 15 minutes before leaving.

where'veyoubeen said...

Aww I agree!!! Don't worry about being too nice. I would rather be too nice than not nice at all. plus, your kindness probably makes other peoples days. :)