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Thursday, May 28, 2009

An Octopus of a tale!

Aites my old roomie has been wanting to try this little place up in St. Marks called Otafuku . It's this really tiny Japanese place that specializes in something called Takoyaki which is basically a piece of octopus nestled within a round dumpling of luscious dough that's fried brown on the outside. This little adorable place is so small you could plum well miss it! But it has two large waving flags and a small wooden bench outside perfect to sit three hungry young adults ( and their enormous shopping bags). Their menu is this simple blue sheet of paper and we ordered Combo D which is 6 pieces of Takoyaki and Edamame (steamed soybeans - very good! )

The Takoyaki comes out fresh hot and best when eaten after it cooled down a bit. The crispy outside holds the gooey dough so be ready to either pop one of these rather large bad boys in one shot or get a tissue! I've never tried them before but boy were they soooo good. The sauce was sweet and added flavor to the nice hot dough and surprise! inside the center was this big piece of chewy octopus. For six of these and a good cup of edamame for $6 it's practically a steal in NYC. They're a great snack and the neighborhood is also awesome to sit down at. So if you're ever in NYC I really recommend this place! aka my friend affectionately calls "hole in the wall" .

Until next time... HAPPY EATING!


Pili said...

I'll know who to ask for eating places if I visit NY!

Lindsey said...

I'm not very adventurous when it comes to food, I don't think I could eat an octopus! But I'm glad you liked it - I love finding new restaurants!

LeelaBijou said...

My father loves octopus, I´m not a big fan though... ;)

sMacThoughts said...

I love octopus, and this looks so delicious, I will have to keep my eyes out for it!

persuede said...

omg sounds delicious...can't wait to try it.

Rosebud Collection said...

Have tried octopus in Hawaii..Have to admit, a bit too chewy for me.
The picture did make the dish look very tasty.