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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pain is Bad!

So I've been having this throbbing pain in both my wrists lately and it's probably from using the computer constantly and always writing notes. Both are very repetitive process and with the cold and wet weather it has just aggravated them worse. Even though when I tell people my joints hurt they look at me in disbelief because I look so young but I tell you they ache so much in cold and wet weather that it's sometimes unbearable. I had twisted my knee in high school so bad I couldn't walk for three days, I also tripped and slammed my knees so hard on the pavement that the wound went down to the muscle and I still have very large visible scars, as for my wrist it was twisted very badly in a car accident in college. It's a wonder I'm not moving around on strings like a puppet.

Though I really shouldn't complain as I've seen first hand that there are people much worse off. I can't really stop because finals are coming up and I have a large final lab report due. Well look at the glass half full... at least the rest of me is A - OK and I'm going to get a nifty wrist guard. WooT... now if only i can find it in xsmall ?_?


where'veyoubeen said...

hope your joints feel better soon! Too bad those wrist gaurds done come in more color choices. :)

My legs were so sore this week I got some Icy Hot which turned out to be amazing!!!

Good luck with finals. I am all done yayayayay!

Alexis said...

Aww joint pain is no fun. Hope you start feeling better sooon!

It was funny to see the wrist guard picture though, since I just bought one yesterday! I too suffer from lame repetitive stress stuff... I work on the computer all day and then when I get home... I play games on the computer! hahah. I enjoy it, but my wrists are starting to hate me. :)

And I hear you on the joint pain being related to the cold weather - I broke a tiny bone on the side of my foot a couple years ago and I can still feel it when it gets cold out. So weird!