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Friday, May 8, 2009

Law And Order Sighting!

Today started like any other day... I went to study with a lab partner for a few hours then lunch and I hit up some stores and shops with my friend after work around the lower west side of Manhattan. Which by the way is a great place with tons of sample sales where high end designers slash their prices and there's a great a many eager shoppers. I picked up some make up to play around with and the people who worked there was so nice. I'm a dunce when it comes to make up and fashion. If you do happen to come to NYC you can easily look up "sample sale + NYC" to get a list of these incredible sales. Little tip for the savvy shopper.

Well I'm walking my old roomie to the subway when I notice a huge crane that was never there before. I see it's to these huge lights beaming down a usually deserted street. Low and behold it was a film set! They were filming one of my favorite franchises Law and Order: Criminal Intent! I've seen film sets around NYC before but usually I miss it when they're actually filming. We were a bit far but I could see the main detectives Eames and Nichols peering over a dead body with a lot of crime scene investigators. It was very exciting! That really made my day!

The last time I saw them film Law and Order was a few years ago on the steps of one of the court houses in City Hall and I had passed by it because I was working in the hospital nearby that summer. That really shows that you never know what's there around the corner!

Until next time... go further then the paved road and never fear to steer from the straight path to follow your own...


Angela said...

Wow! That is so exciting! I would love to visit NYC!

Lindsey said...

How cool! We never run into TV or films sets here :/ I visited NYC a few years ago and was really hoping to see something cool like that, but didn't. Although I think I did see the Naked Cowboy. I'll just have to keep coming back until I see something more exciting!