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Friday, October 17, 2008

ACEO? What the??

Lolol. Now what is that painted eye looking at you? That's something called an ACEO or Art Card Editions and Originals. They're basically really small artwork that are 2.5" x 3.5" and are considered collectibles or for more info here's a wikipedia article ( ). The above one is by 5erg at and is actually one of my favorite artists on etsy. The detailed cards like the one above are awesome and well I was never good with oil painting and I like those a lot! Before etsy I had no idea what ACEO are or that they even existed! Here's another artist that I love too.

This one is by fatedveil at her are fantastic mixed media meaning they use a lot of different types of techniques and materials. The one above it stood out to me at first sight. I really love the blue color and the picture not to mention the extra gleaming gem! It's really an awesome piece of work! Depending on how intensive the process is ACEO prices range and frankly if you're cheap and poor.. i.e. me... you may want a print of the originals which are cheaper but well there's nothing better then having an ORIGINAL copy is there?
Well The above two are my attempts at ACEOs which I must say pales in comparison to the ones above me and what is so appealing is that I don't like making giant pieces of artwork. Reason... I got no space to work with in my tiny cramp room... so tiny cards of art are awesome! Plus I love using permanent markers and I think they turned out very well! Of course I'm still going to do my origami but this lets me expand on ideas and also take a nice rest! If you love art but have no space or money gander at ACEOS on!

Art in your pocket... think about it!


Kalliope said...

Thanks for including my ACEO! :)

Kalliope said...

Oooh and yours are very nice too. I love the colors against the deep black background.

5erg said...

Thank you! AS I mentioned earlier, this was such a nice surprise.
Now I can blog about that you blogged about me:D