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Monday, October 27, 2008

Family and Blood!

Good afternoon from NYC! I just updated to include my newest item the Meekiyu Family set that is fully customizable! I love doing custom made orders and half of my orders are custom made origami dolls of people based off their photos and a small blurb of likes and personalities! This is the only thing customizable. All the ones featured in my shop are customizable! I think it's always great to get something custom because you know no one else will have it! I think family ones are awesome! Maybe a best friends one would be super too! Well you know family... they are but extensions of ourselves since we are of the same blood!Speaking of family blood everyone knows our genes come 50/50 of our mom and dad. Well I'm taking a course in Hematology the study of blood and today we all got to figure out what type of hemoglobin we have in class! Hemoglobin is basically what makes blood red and transports oxygen around the body. It's made of four part two equal parts of Beta and Alpha. In a nutshell we separated the parts according to their differences in a method called electrophoresis. Remember the 50/50 from each parent? Well we get 50/50 of our hemoglobin genes and sometimes people inherit a defect from one of the parents. This fairly simple test can tell you what your genes basically are. The normal adult is HbAA but we all have traces of HbF (baby blood) and Hb A2 (another variation of HbA) but for people who have a disorder they might have HbS or HbC which causes sickle cell disease. Mine came out normal HbAA but there are students who found out they were carriers of HbC or HbS and never knew! Next up finding what my blood type is!
You know who to thank for your genes! MOM! DAD!

Till next time... do you know what your blood type is?

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gamakun said...

All this talk about blood, reminds me of the tv show Dexter.