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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sleep in Sunday

Does that look like you? All curled up and warm happy in dream land and snoring up a storm? Well I envy you... lolol... it was raining this morning and perfect to sleep in alas my little brother was screaming at the top of his lungs that he did not want to go to his weekly tutoring at school. That blissful person is my sister! Anita! She comes back for the weekends and works then goes back to Long Island for college. Ah what a hard worker.
That's like my brother and to think when he was a baby he was the quietest nicest baby ever. He was so quiet when he was propped up on the couch my sister's friend almost sat on him and stopped when he went "Waah!" softly. I guess seeing a huge butt coming your way would make anyone cry out. Alas I am awake and a bit groggy... thanks to all the people that commented... woot! Yes Jason you know you want those etsy baked goodies... MMM!!


Well i made some new nifty items that won't put for a couple of days which are my brand spanking new Art Cards!
Yeah look at those beauties. There are these things called ACEO which are really small art cards for people like me who have no space for the giant Monets and Picassos works on my wall. It's like a gallery in your pocket or you can make them into gift tags for that extra zing in case you brought someone a crappy gift. Here's the wikipedia definetion Mine are smaller being just 3.5" x 2" out of blank business cards.

Let's see I'm browsing though my favorites and today I CHOOSE YOU


If you are secretly a ninja (like me) then you would love this t-shirt. I'm planning to buy it as a Christmas present for my friend. It comes in a black version and sizes small, medium and large for guys and I guess as a girl well... girls wearing oversized T-shirts are smexy or so says my boyfriend.

Till next time!
*Throws smoke bomb on the floor and room fills with smoke!*
*Disappeared! GASP!*


gamakun said...

Well so far there is three of my friends in my little group organization XD. I like that zombie shirt from your favorite pick.

KiWi said...

hey! that's me :)
Thanks for the shout-out, Meekiyu.

Meekiyu said...

I've been eyeing that shirt since I first saw it! I love your items =D