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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Roving Randomness

Hmm what's that up there? Those are my new mini note cards and when I say mini they really are mini... each one is about 2" x 1" and has 12 sheets of tiny blank paper stapled inside. I created 12 to be sent to a freebie bag that is going to a children hospital and well maybe add a bit of promotion for me! For those that are interested here's the link to the forum... ... so hopefully I will send those out tomorrow and also hang out with my buddy JINGO!
She's coming back for the weekend from law school... maybe she should've picked up this nifty book I found on google. Now does it really work? If people have ever seen the movie Catch Me If You Can a biography of a conman with Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio. In this amusing film the main character "Frank Abagnale Jr" is this very smart conman that must've forged millions of dollars in checks. In one part of the movie he becomes a lawyer. The FBI agent played by Hanks asks how he cheated on the bar test... "Frank" or Dicaprio says he didn't... he studied super hard and he passed it. Now I wonder somewhere it might just be possible!What's that? Well that's the Otakon booths where people can sell their homemade anime related items! Each booth is about a hundred some odd dollars for basically 2.5 days. Next year I've decided to try my luck at a booth! So what popular anime/manga characters should I make? Probably the ones I like and are popular like Bleach, One Piece etc. I might be offering my art auction pieces that sold so well last year at the art auction but those actually take a lot of time to duplicate. Don't know how many I should make etc. In essence it's very much like a craft fair that caters to anime/manga lovers. Since I've been there, know my demographic and that thousands of people go in and out... I will try my luck!

Waiting till next year! Also cosplay away!


gamakun said...

How long does it take yo make one meekiyu? You should definitely make meekiyu of the anime characters you think are most favored. I think about 80 should be good for your booth, if anything you can sell them on ebay.

gamakun said...

I got a new blog, if you are not busy check it out.

heather knitz said...

great blog!

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