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Monday, October 6, 2008

I Luv Beijing Opera

Look its my Hematology Teacher during lab today! Except picture him with less hair. Hematology is the study of blood... mmm... and nope it doesn't make my stomach wrench or anything but the course is quite a feat. Besides a crazy professor with a very sarcastic and dry sense of humor which I admit keeps me awake in class the course is fairly interesting. We got all these machines doing everything. Computers, calculator, lab equipment, cars, airplanes practically everything! Our teachers are dedicated to make us learn the good old fashion manual way which is very very tedious... but think about it if the machines were all the go ka-boom at least I can tell you if you have normal white and red blood cell count.

Ladies and gentleman it's...... Guess what's up on Etsy time!
Chang! Chang! DOK! Chang!
That's the cymbals and gongs associated with the Beijing Opera. Above are pictures taken from one of the many Beijing Operas in the world. Such as how the Greeks have the great tragedies and comedies, how the West has their opera in the soprano and alto voices the Chinese have this thing called Beijing Opera. If you're not use to it, it might sound jarring because they speak in fast and high pitch voices or very slow and low pitch voices.

Well I've never been the biggest fan of them but I did love their wonderful costumes and jerky movements. Everything they did was exaggerated because back in the old days there was no such thing as T.V and people sit by the hundreds into these shows. I did my own version above which I adore and I've decided to make more of them because the costumes are so unique! Check them out in my store!

Time to pick out something that sparked me interest... HMM... LostRiverRags I choose YOU!I actually found this nifty item from the forums because on those days when I feel like not making anything I browse to see what are other people up to! Low and Behold! Sweet pumpkin pie smelling soap in the shape of a cat by! Come on... it gets you clean... its cute... pumpkin... cat... AND PIE? Dude what are you waiting for?

Btw I don't ask people if I can put up their items or shops... I just feel like informing people on things I'm leaning to buy... so it's already half mine... LOLOL!

*Stealths Away!*

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