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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Yep that's me... this weekend with my significant other was fun but alas I caught a cold while there. I think the unusually warm weather caught me off guard. DRATS! I hate colds... nose a running, you feel achy and overall just plain crappy! Right now I'm loading up on fluids especially generous helpings of chrysanthemum tea with honey. It definitely brings me back to life. I would eat medicine but the only ones i have are those drowsy ones and I have lab work to do today. Not a good combination! Though that's only small thing. I ended up going to Micheals and A.C Moore to buy a good amount of Bristol paper and more Sharpies in new colors! I've decided to delve into ACEOs (Art, edition, originals and print) basically pocket sized art but alas I have no scanner so got to wait till tomorrow!
Also Also! I finally got my check from the art auction I did for Otakon! Otakon is basically the largest anime expo on the East Coast ( This year was the third time and each time is fantastic! I saw live bands that play the music from several anime like Dragon Ball and One Piece. One of my favorite was the orchestral that played last year called Eminence. They are seriously good. It's basically a orchestral dedicated to gaming and anime music. Like when you listen to those musical scores in Final Fantasy Series... yep that's almost guaranteed to be them. They were so inviting and funny too! Totally broke my rigid idea of stuffy orchestras I've seen in music class and PBS etc. Anyways I'll save Otakon for another time because it's so much stuff to talk about. This time I set my art in a silent auction/gallery type thing. It's 15 bucks for 5 pieces of art and so I put in five and two sold... one for 7 dollars and the other for 40!!! I was BLOWN AWAY. I got to find the scan with this picture... When I was there just standing by my art I heard people say how different it was and boy was I proud as hecks! WOOT! Anyways that made my gosh damn moment of my life! Back to my weekend!We went to Philly to his cousin's place and played Rock Band for basically the entire day and night after a sushi buffet. Rock Band is seriously fun... I pretty much stink at drums so I did the guitar and sang. It was fun... though I don't have the voice to pull off more of the rockish tunes. Speaking of which I highly recommend this game... yes its very expensive because you need to buy the whole set to enjoy it but its really fun... almost up there with those wii games that make you move around. The version I played was on X-box 360 so when connected to the net you can upload old/new songs from all the versions of rockband I think for like a few bucks each or something? But yes its very fun!
And last but not least I was featured in a treasury today which is basically a fellow seller chooses and arranges their favorite pieces from other sellers. I heard it best compared to as a curator to one's gallery. Though that screen shot is pretty bad and for the life of me cannot get the whole darn thing but the little guy in the middle is mine! Woot! I hope people are taking care of themselves don't!


Peace and Love ya'll

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gamakun said...

I wonder how a meekiyu would look with glasses. You may want to prepare some halloween and thanksgiving meekiyus.