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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Charity and Me

Good morning from New York City! Ahh What a nice and sunny day! Why am I so very happy? Well for one I retook ALL and I mean ALL my One Wish Crane pictures and just posted number 2 of my cranes up on etsy. Check it out! I call this one "Blue Calm" even though her hair is flying in the wind... lolol but I like this one because she seems so carefree and calm. I only have oh 998 more cranes to go... but if i sell each one of them... that would be a whopping $4,000 to the ALS charity! Half of each I sell goes to it! I told my sister and she was very happy lolol. Besides that brightening up my day....
I'm going down to visit my other half this weekend! WOOT! I found a 25% off coupon for Micheal's... ... that's the link to a 25% and a 20% coupon! They work! I used a 50% off coupon and boy was I in love! Anyways besides making my usual trips to A.C Moore, Jo-Ann's and Micheal's we have the Friday sushi buffet at Minado's... in Philadelphia. He lives in South Jersey which is an hour away from Philly but three hours away from me in NYC. =(... anyways its an awesome place if you like sushi and Asian cuisines. It's not THE BEST but for the price and unlimited it's pretty damn worth it. I've never had food poisoning so... yeah must be good.

BTW I've decided to take all my pictures from etsy... the one above is this awesomely cute necklace from! Check out her other jewelry they're very whimsical with flowers and leaves.

What are those two pictures? Well those are the two business cards I designed but not sure which one to pick... hmm.. I was going to go to Staples but many of people suggested the online ones... Vistaprint, Overnightprint, Moo cards... etc... still thinking... well I'm going to put a poll up and see what you guys think? Poll is on the upper left hand corner!

Thanks for everyone that commented! When I go to work I'll be sure to comment back and pour my eyes upon ye pages!

Till then te-te-da!


gamakun said...

I am sure Andy can probably make u a cool looking one. Question is that will he do it.

Meekiyu said...

unno vinny... lolol he's not the most helpful person in the world! =D

Teague said...

I like the top design, less busy, more elegant. I would make the etsy address a smige bigger though. Really cute origami!

mu-yin jewelry said...

i loooooooove Michael's coupon lol
I only shop at Michael's when I get those 40% or 50% off coupon or when they have clearance sale...I'm such a terrible bargain hunter..