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Friday, October 24, 2008

It's Christmas In October!

That's what it felt like this morning when my sister finally came back from college with the etsy packages in tow! Since I was lucky to get a few sales myself I decided to spread the love and buy something from etsy. I've always been a bit cautious with the Internet and especially buying from it. I heard so many horror stories of being ripped off or things coming broken or things just not coming and they basically stolen your money! But I'm so very glad to say they went ABOVE AND BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS.

This one above I didn't buy but won in a small contest type thing from Bethany'screations. It's this really golden Autumn yellow billed hat. It is incredibly warm. I don't know if its my head that's small or my mom and sister's head that's big but this hat fits snugly right over my ears, covers the back of my head and my forehead. Heck my whole head is so warm and I don't need those wacky earmuffs. Whats so nice is not only the truly great quality of the work but of the care that went into packaging it. For one it was in a plastic bag that was inside another bubble envelope take about safeness. There were two cute business cards pictured above and a handwritten thank you note. I don't know about you but I know this service doesn't exist anymore where I am from.

Remember WoolandMore? The felt earrings I raved about? Well she decided to make knitted bookmarks but to me they looked more like bracelets. So I ordered a custom made choker for myself. You know what it fits PERFECTLY around my small neck. Now anyone who knows me knows I'm extremely petite and its very hard to shop for anything that fits that doesn't make me look like a 12 year old girl. One of the things I've wanted were choker that doesn't end up looking like a gosh darn necklace. This thing is soft, a bit rigid and snugly fits without any discomfort. My sister said it is so my style. Then again she says I have no style so... I don't know whether that's a compliment or not. This came with a crocheted coaster that I'm using to put my bowls and drinks on. The choker came in a red box pictured with black ribbon, a thank you card and two cute business cards. I love my items and now I know why handmade has its definite perks! Speaking of business cards I just thought of a new one and printed these out. These four are just samples but I really like how they turned out! It's simple and tells exactly what I specialize in! Hopefully I can get more printed but that will wait after midterms. I'm still unsure about where to print... as Staples did a horrible job on my color prints of some gift tags. Here's a list of the most popular online card makers. I haven't tried them but complied them from what I have gleaned from reading forums.

My Mini Cards
123 Print
Moo Cards

Each has it's benefits and drawbacks... also for most if not all you can find coupons and awesome deals!

Until next time.. good night.. good night... parting is such sweet sorrow!


shells said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment :) Your blog looks great, I really liked this entry. I, too, love when I receive something that has been packaged with care - I always wrap my sales items carefully and make sure they are secure and I always write out a thank you note in one of my handmade cards. I really appreciate that personal touch and I hope others do as well.
I get my business cards from VistaPrint and I'm really happy with them so far! Your new cards look great :) said...

What great buys....LOve them all