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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Is this Spray Safe?!

Hooopa! HOOOPA!
That's me this morning and I wish I had a gas mask on because the new spray I got stinks till high heaven. I'm fairly sure I got some kind of brain damage. Oh yeah the above image is a painting done by a fellow etsyian... at The stuff is fairly pricey this baby goes for 200 bucks so better get the big wallet out not the tiny change purse. What is the cause of my brain damage???

Ta-Da! Kryon Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating... says here..hmm... makes arts and crafts (paper included) moisture - resistant and non yellowing permanent, protective gloss finish... also dries in minutes. This stuff is toxic to use but once it completely dries in about 2 hours who knew it actually works? I sprayed three coats of this stuff on my new Hope Cranes... yet to be revealed! Left it over night to get rid of the smell and they do have this glossiness to them. I also sprayed some origami cranes first to see what happens. You know test for ruining... it seemed fine then i spritzed them with water... its not a miracle coating but yes it did make it water resistant to a DEGREE... not recommended for like dunking it in a sink full of water. It did a good enough job for me.
Here is an oh so shiny picture of my magnets that i sprayed three coats of this stuff... seems fine to me. They look nice and happy. One thing is that once it dries don't let people lick it or whatever as it's toxic... my art isn't meant to eat or handled by small kids. I've decided to only coat my magnets and Hope Cranes and leave my other origami alone... as I assume the first two would need that extra protection.

What time is it? Everybody say it with me... it's Etsy update time!

Okay I cheated... this whole post was about etsy but I added in the brain damage part for fun. Not fun on my part but hey its all for art! Okay today I chooooose....!!! GOOOOOOOOOO!!!Those ladies and gentlemen are felted earrings... What is felt? I don't know. But what I do know is that they are cute... and a steal for 10 bucks. They're also extremely light which is a super plus for me. For some reason whenever I switch earrings like from my usual zubric zirconium studs to my toast earrings I get a major headache! ARG! So even though I love the dangling stuff I can't wear it because it would so dampen my day! But these are are perfect... cute, flirty... and cost efficient... tee hee hee

Bai! Bai!

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