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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My One Wish!

My One Wish Cranes... it was something I was making for about two weeks now and I have five of them ready to be listed. For this series I will be making 1000 different One Wish Cranes and if you've never heard of the story... if you fold 1000 origami cranes you're granted one wish. Usually the one wish has something to do with speedy recovery from an illness. This was the case for my sister. Yes the one that was snoring away in one of my other posts. She made exactly 1000 cranes and hung it up in my Grandma's hospital room. My grandma was delighted and loved looking at them from her bed but even the 1000 cranes could not help her.

In tribute to my sister and my beloved grandma I've decided to launch this series. For every one of them I sell... I'll donate half of the money to ALS research... ALS or Lou Gehrig's is a horrible disease where you just lose all control of your muscles due to neurons just randomly dying in your brain... so you're fully conscious while this happens but your body is no longer your own. My grandma fought for three long years and I'm determined to donate the money to prevent this from happening or at least prolong and vitalize the years a person has.
That is the organization I will be donating to =D! I'm very excited and also nervous as I never donated before well unless you count those years of volunteering in the hospital. By the way if you've never read it or heard of it... Sadako and the Thousand Cranes is an excellent book to read... I read it in 6th grade.
Cherish each moment guys!


The Lone Beader said...

I love origami, but I never learned how to do it!

Also, thanks for stopping by my blog! I will have to take a peek at your Etsy shop! I have a shop there, too! Cheers from Boston! :D

Leah said...

so sorry about your grandmother, what a wonderful thing for your sister to do! So generous of you to donate from your sales too, good luck!

Anniki :) said...

Hi :)

I tagged you in my blog, maybe you'll find a moment to take a look and participate also :)

Meekiyu said...

anniki I dunno where your blog is.. when I click there's only a profile but no blog =(... if you see this just jot it down on my blog =D