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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

For the Love of Soap!

La La La! After a long hard day at work who doesn't want a lovely lovely bubble bath or steaming hot shower! I know I do! Especially with the cold cold cold New York Winter. I tell you my bathroom is not fancy or anything. Thinking about it I was reminded of these awesome soaps made home made by etsy peeps! I actually saw their works though a chat room on etsy and they were simply wonderful! Oh and the above picture is a by a wonderful little print called bubble time! Isn't it adorable?
What is this rocking thing? Why its a bar of soap from If you check out the other soaps each one is like an abstract painting and they have all these unusual designs and scents. I absolutely adore them because first off I am a very visual person and the way it looks completely engulfed me in their designs. I'm planning on buying a bar for my sister because well I say she stinks and now I have the perfect soap for her! Btw I just learned to put a link on my posts... LOLOL! So go and check it out!
Doughnut in the bath? Why the heck not? This is one of the most unusual soaps I've ever seen and it's still lingering in my mind. If you can't go to Dunkin Doughnuts why not smell like one? Or if you really like doughnuts Krispy Kremes is the way to go... lolol... this is by and the other stuff in the shop is delectable too! If you like these search for soap on the etsy website. There are hundreds of different shops that sell soap and bath and body products. There are too many to keep track of!
Remember these little gift tags? I realized they were way too expensive so I made smaller and cheaper prints of them! I'm going to package them into 10 a pack. I think its a good deal and don't get prints from Staples unless you have what you want scanned and fits on 8 x11 paper. They charge an ARM and a LEG for scanning. I'm looking for a smaller independent printing shop in NYC. Though with my midterms coming up I may have to push that a bit back.

Until next time! Etsy today! Support Handmade because just cuz you say you can make it... I doubt you will.... lolol....


gamakun said...

The question is did a 9 year old kid thought of this idea building my back bone. Quite the interesting event.

gamakun said...

Also I have more parts to add.

Angela said...

The bathtub collage is a favorite of mine as well!

NewMoonStudio said...

Thank you for the critique was very helpful.I love your blog and i love these littel gift bags.I think they are very adorable.