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Monday, October 20, 2008

Hidden NYC Paths

What's this? Traffic and roads in New York City? You better believe it! Well this weekend my friends and I along with my boyfriend went up to Roosevelt Mall in Garden City. Well the mall is the mall as my friends wanted to go there and I had to return something. What did strike me was the road we went up there. It is called the BELT parkway which is a series of roads that connects Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island. Typically when you think of parkway you think ho hum... traffic, cars, litter, bad drivers etc. Of course there were all of those and many more etc. but along almost the entire some odd 30 miles of the parkway was a wonderful park/boardwalk type thing called the Belt Parkway Promenade.
This is a view of Manhattan from Brooklyn along the Belt. But seriously I wish I had my camera! It was a beautiful day and from where we were driving we could see Manhattan and Staten Island. Most people that visit New York get enthralled with Manhattan and don't get me wrong its freaking awesome (I live there so I know). There are so many things in the other borough or even in the quieter parts of Manhattan that few people know about. So if all the lights and shopping and clubbing are not for you or you need a rest seriously visit the numerous parks along the edges of the boroughs. There's a great review of the Belt Park at ... if you've never been I suggest you go.
Battery Park in lower Manhattan is also a very quiet and picturesque place. I have went there many times and there's always something new to look at. Like the Belt park this one is also very long and it goes to South Street Seaport and the ferry to Liberty Island and Ellis Island. But seriously after visiting those landmarks that EVERYONE visits take a walk in the park along the edges... It goes near the World Trade Center and there are a lot of things to do and see. In fact there's a mini golf course there, movie theater very close by and also get this a "Trapeze Class." If you ever watched Sex in the City there is one episode of Carrie swinging on a trapeze that is where it is I am sure. There are also paths for bikes and joggers. Here's another picture of Battery Park overlooking the Financial District. I say its really awesome. Mmm this is my Bit of New York which I'll do every so often. Next one I think will be about skating in Wollman's Rink... just the best place to ice skate in the city and it's right inside Central Park!

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